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Limited by Dr. Camp's Availability


Offering Private Consultations and Coaching to Individuals Who Need

Longevity Medicine 

Would you like to have personalized attention, lab analysis, and guidance to achieve optimal health and to live from that place of wholeness?  

Second Opinions

Not sure about the Diagnosis or Treatment that you were offered?

New Perspectives 

Do you suspect there is a deeper meaning to your illness?

Owner's Manual

Would you like to learn how to take care of yourself?  Would you like to know how to best navigate the health care world and the challenges that you are facing from someone who thinks outside the box and gets results?


How would you feel if you knew how to interpret your lab results and to broaden your knowledge base to take charge of your health?


“What are we if not the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves?”  -Gregg Braden

How can we learn to see the lessons and meanings and deeper truths behind every illness and learn to see every challenge as an opportunity for growth?


One of Dr. Morgan's greatest strengths is his experience as a patient navigating the system and learning from the team of experts that he personally and professionally works with. He understands the importance of building a team of like-minded Doctors, Healers, Therapists, etc. from the best allopathic and alternative options. Under his direction, you likely will be guided to work with a  team of complementary healers with the highest integrity and training. One of the main tenants that Dr. Camp lives from is building a team for success. If you so choose, he will be the co-captain of your health care team until you feel empowered to go solo. 


Do you have an unusual illness or diagnosis and not sure who or where to turn to? Dr. Morgan has a deep capacity to find healthy, innovative and progressive treatments for a wide range of individuals and diagnoses. 

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Private Consultations & Coaching

Elevate your Health & Well Being to a new level of excellence. Improve Performance, Vitality, & Quality of Life. Rejuvenate & Maximize Longevity.


Use proven, advanced medical treatments, & technology that are balanced with the healing powers of nature, all working to activate your innate healing capacity. Invest in your long-term health, wellness, & Prioritize your well-being. 

Call 415-877-1910

Fax 415-634-0282

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