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Would you like to:

Invest in your long-term health and wellness. Prioritize your well-being

Elevate your Health & Well Being to a new level of excellence

Improve Performance, Vitality, and Quality of Life

Rejuvenate your life and Maximize Longevity

Dr. Morgan's Approach to Longevity


Dr. Morgan artfully integrates the best of traditional and allopathic modalities, bespoke to each unique client. He draws from a vast set of healing traditions including: Functional Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Mindfulness and Breathwork, Health Technology, Allopathic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Native American Wisdom, Buddhist practices, and much more.


Dr. Morgan Evaluates and Offers Treatments for your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well Being and includes Transformational Coaching in all his programs.


Dr. Morgan will  teach you exactly how to achieve optimal health, using the  methods and strategies he personally has used to overcome numerous illnesses and that he has applied to successfully work on thousands of happy clients.


With a background in chemistry and neuroscience, Dr. Morgan works with an eye towards helping clients create the internal and external conditions needed for their brain to function at its best.


Dr. Morgan draws from modalities and interventions that he has personally experienced and used on patients for decades with great results. In addition you will have a certified coach and nutritionist to assist you on your path.

High Expectations

In sessions,  expect to be pushed and challenged. Dr. Morgan will challenge you and push you to go beyond your past, limiting beliefs and habits to create a new health paradigm that works for you.


Changing your lifestyle and habits takes time. Changing your health takes time. Coaching is Benficial.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein

What Might We Do Together?


Precisely all of the factors limiting your health and well-being.

This includes Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional influences as well as limiting beliefs and perspectives.  


Enhance your diet, routines, habits, and relationships for enhanced meaning, long-term health, and satisfaction.


Practical skills for managing your energy, attention, and focus.


Resilience to stress and improve your innate ability to choose your response to the stressors of the world.

Identify & Treat

The Root Causes of Illness

Build new habits

And the neural networks that foster growth, healing, and transformation.


Your body and mind for success.


Bring increasing harmony and well being into your life, relationships, & your life’s work. 


Get Inpsired about your unique strengths and contribution to the world.
Build a Team

Of Doctors, Healers, and Therapists under Dr. Morgan's guidance to assist you on your path.


Hormone Analysis

Sex Hormones, Stress Hormones, Thyroid and Growth Hormones.  Few Physicians know how, and are willing to Diagnose and Treat Growth Hormone Deficiencies.  


Genetic Testing

Confidential and Cutting Edge Genetic Analysis


Nutrient Evaluation

Organic Acid Testing


Digestive Health

Analysis & Treatment including Parasitology and Sensitivities


Sleep Health

Natural Sleep Alternatives & Technological Solutions that work


Research Analysis

Including Rare Conditions and State of the Art Treatments

Trauma Healing

Cutting Edge therapies for Healing traumas and psychological concerns.


Curated Awareness Practices

Based on Age Old Wisdom


100% Confidentiality and Sensitivity for High Profile Individuals

Your Privacy is Guaranteed as I have no affiliation with any hospital or insurance agency

Dr. Camp offers a true BeSpoke HealthSpan Concierge Program that includes:

Elevate your Health & Well Being to a new level of excellence. 

Improve Performance, Vitality, & Quality of Life.

Rejuvenate & Maximize Longevity.

Dr. Camp offers 2 Choices for you to work with him privately

Concierge Membership Program

Limited to 50 Patients

Consultations & Coaching

Limited by Availability

All new Patients start with Welcome Call

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