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Concierge Membership Program


How Does It Work?

  • Welcome Call

Everything starts with a welcome call with our staff to discuss our Programs and Pricing in detail. 

  • Initial Evaluation

Includes 2-4 Hours or More of 1-on-1, in-depth Analysis with Dr. Camp and his Team.  We may break this up into several sessions as needed over the first few weeks of your program.


  • Location Independent

After the Initial In-Person Meeting (which could be the 1st or 2nd Actual meeting), Experience Dr. Morgan at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world.  Sessions are 30-50 minutes over the phone or zoom or at your home or office.


  • Consistency

The meeting cadence is monthly unless you request otherwise. 


  • Laboratory Analysis

Dr. Morgan orders labs from a variety of functional medicine specialty labs.


  • Chemistry Call 

Dr. Morgan offers a complimentary, optional 15- 30 minute intro session to assess mutual fit.


  • Discovery Session

Assuming mutual fit, you and Dr. Morgan will begin by discerning primary focus areas and defining success metrics, then track towards achieving those outcomes over the course of the engagement.


  • No contracts

Rather than adhering to an artificial timeline or forcing you to commit to coaching for a longer / shorter period than you'd like to, you and Dr. Morgan will continue to work together for long as your sessions provide value.


  • Limited to 50 Patients  

Dr. Morgan Limits his concierge practice to 50 patients to provide the highest quality experience.

"I now Understand that I can only fully be present and of service to a limited number of patients while also honoring my own need for balance and harmony.  Many of my illnesses were brought on during the most stressful times of my life, while I juggled too many obligations and tried to do too much. I am now committed to serving as an example to others that we can heal, overcome, and stay present and aware in our day to day lives.  To this end, I have created a membership based “healthspan” concierge model in which I can devote the time needed to serve my patients while also maintaining my own self care and balance." -Dr. Morgan

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein

Dr. Morgan's "Healthspan" Concierge


My goal as a physician is on increasing “Healthspan”,  which I define as maximizing health,  vitality, & well being for as long as possible.  I use a variety of healing modalities that are all based on solid,  progressive science that is years ahead of the outdated mainstream, allopathic model of medicine.  I focus on the treatments that are proven to help you reach your goals and then help you find the correct balance of diet, nutrition, and mindfulness practices to keep you at your prime. 


My Goal as your personal physician is very simple: to become your partner to help you obtain and maintain the highest Healthspan that your genetics & nervous system can support.  My goal is to build and solidify a relationship with you beyond the normal boundaries of the doctor-physician relationship so that I may be more able to assist you. The old model is based on the doctor treating illness, using fear based motivation tactics.  My Healthspan Concierge is designed to bring rejuvenation, vitality, and increased harmony into your life. 

Holistic & Scientific

I evaluate and offers treatments for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  My recommendations are based on new paradigm science coupled with age old wisdom.  I have worked with, studied from, and emulated the medical practices of many of the experts in the integrative and functional medicine fields and the results I have seen during my 19 years of being a physician in this field continue to amaze me.


My patients experience drastically lower rates of cancer, unexpected hospitalizations, emergency surgeries, etc. and many of them report to me, after years of working together that their friends and family are amazed at how healthy, vibrant, and youthful they have remained over the years.  Imagine yourself at 75, or even 85 years of age and ask yourself, “How would I like to feel at this age? What investment do I need to make now to insure that I can age gracefully and be fully able to enjoy the hobbies, lifestyle, and activities that bring joy into my life? How can I invest in my health now so that I can see my children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren grow up? And even more importantly, what can I do now so that I can be there fully present, alive, and aware with them?  These are the questions that my patients ask me daily and these are the

Patient Advocacy

In addition to the Long List of conditions that I have successfully treated with Functional and Integrative medicine, I also feel that everyone needs an Advocate who they can trust when times get rough.  Everyone, myself included, is at risk of receiving poor care from even the best doctors, hospitals, and specialists. One of the added benefits of joining my Healthspan Concierge is that you can rest assured that I will do everything in my power to make sure that you receive the care that you and your family members deserve.  I am here to help you distinguish between a doctor advising a legitimate test for you vs one who is just “practicing defensively” and ordering unnecessary and risky procedures that have little likelihood of helping you.


This is a critical service especially at this time as there is the meeting of an old paradigm of medicine and a new paradigm.  And the physicians in the old paradigm will likely give you conflicting information, and will often use Fear Based tactics to attempt to influence you, to rope you into their Sick-ness model based on an ever increasing number of prescription medications, confusing specialists, and conflicting opinions.    However, I can assist and make sure that you get in to see the best of the best specialists, and that you get second opinions when needed.

What are the 10 Key Medical Components to the program?

  • Bio-Identical Hormonal Balance

  • Adequate & Precise Vitamin Intake

  • Mineral Replacement

  • Heart & Brain Coherence

  • Exercise, Muscle Mass, Proper Diet

  • Healthy Bone Mass & Structure

  • Regular Detoxification Practices

  • Optimal Brain & Nervous System

  • Optimistic Outlook on life

  •  Healing of Old Wounds, Traumas, & Stories that do not support our future.


High Expectations

In sessions,  expect to be pushed and challenged. Dr. Morgan will challenge you and push you to go beyond your past, limiting beliefs and habits to create a new health paradigm that works for you.


Changing your lifestyle and habits takes time. Changing your health takes time. 

Elevate your Health & Well Being to a new level of excellence. 

Improve Performance, Vitality, & Quality of Life.

Rejuvenate & Maximize Longevity.

Details of Concierge Practice

Dr. Morgan's concierge practice is designed for you to achieve and maintain optimal health.  The enrollment fee covers the significant investment that Dr. Camp makes during the first 3 months of your program with the monthly fee covering all of his ongoing care.  Fees listed are for Services rendered by Morgan Camp MD Only. The Program may be ended by either party with 30 days written notice. If your particular medical needs require an increased level of care, you will receive a custom quote for services before any changes or engagement. Fees do not include any labs, medications, vitamins, IV's, etc. Fees include and are not limited to Phone, Zoom, In Person, and Email Communication. Fees do not include emergency services, labs, medications, etc.   Fees do include Home Visits, Office Visits, and the best level of care for your unique medical needs. 

Concierge Membership Program

Limited to 50 Patients

Why 50? Dr. Morgan chooses to be balanced and multi-dimensional. When you meet him, he is focused on you, and your health. Limiting his practice size means he is always fresh and excited to meet with you.

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